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Trappistes Rochefort 10, Bottle, 330ML.

Rochefort 10 is included in the book "50 beers you must taste before you die" - and that is completely understandable. Some call Rochefort 8 the best beer in the world - others claim it is the big brother Rochefort 10. Both come from the abbey of Abbey de Notre-Dame de St. Rémy. The aroma is big, sweet and caramel-like. The color is nice dark and reddish brown, while the foam can almost be characterized as mocha colored. Once you have poured the beer into the glass - let it stand for a few minutes so that it can come to its full right. The taste is despite the 11.3% surprisingly soft, but extremely full-bodied. The taste goes in the direction of dark fruits, plums, raisins, roasted caramel and sugar - as I said, a huge taste experience. The aftertaste lasts a long time and is extremely pleasant. Yes - a beer you must taste before you die!