The Beer Bar

Orval, Bottle, 330ML

The Cistercian monks at Orval Monastery only brew a beer for the public. It is a Trappist beer and therefore subject to the strict rules in this regard. Approx. 70,000 hectoliters of beer each year, and the profits go to social work and the maintenance of the monastery. When this year's production is sold - yes, there is no more. This means that the monks are very faithful to their product! The vast majority of beer lovers praise this beer and call it among the very best in the world - but it certainly has its critics as well. The aroma consists almost of sour fruit, bread, wine and grapes. The color is almost amber with a nice light foam. The taste is initially slightly fruity, but turns quite quickly into a slightly dry taste. This turns again into a slightly bitter but very pleasant aftertaste.