Frequently Asked Questions

Closing days - Christmas & New Year

We only have 5 closing days per year - 24-25-26/12 & 31/12 and 1/1


We have 150 "paid per hour" parking spaces just behind the garage

Street Credits & Gift Cards

Street Credits is Aarhus Street Foods own currency. They are perfect for a group visiting the market, as they can be bought together on one receipt at The Blue Bar and then handed out to your guests.
Street Credits can be used in all kitchens and bars. You can pre-order them at booking@aarhusstreetfood.com, and we will make sure they are packed and ready.
Gift Cards are sold online here

Outside food & drinks

It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks in the Garage or at our outdoor area.


Friendly and well behaved dogs are allowed, both in- and outside.

Lost & Found

Contact The Blue Bar located at the entrance - or send us an email kontakt@aarhusstreetfood.com

The Street Food Gallery and creative ideas

Do you have an exhibition for our small coffee bar gallery. Or an awesome idea for a creative add-on to the Garage? Please send us an email at Ditte@aarhusstreetfood.com